News post Mon 06.14.10
And we're back with juicy lunch gossip!

News post Wed 06.09.10
Sorry the last couple comics have been delayed. Amilie's been sick, and my knee cap came out a few days ago, so we've been preoccupied. Another part of it is general summer laziness, but don't worry - more comics are on their way! We're not sure exactly how the next few updates will work. Comic 0030 might go up tomorrow, or it might be as late as Monday. We plan to be back on the regular schedule within a week, one way or another.

News post Sat 05.08.10
Okay, I guess it's only fair that I give you guys a background story on the letter Fcht (sorry keyboard is old fashioned doesn't have the symbol).

Me and my friends (including Amilie and Hunter) at college play this game called "The Game of Things." It's a pretty cool game where you read off a question from a card (for example "What should you not tell someone you are trapped in a hot air balloon with?") and everyone writes down his/her answer and then hands it to the reader for the round. Once everyone has answered the reader then well... reads them and you try to guess who wrote what.  Well one day we got kind of tired of the questions in the game because we had done all of them so many times therefore we made up our own questions.  I don't recall who the mastermind was, but someone decided that the question should be "What sound is most deserving of a letter in the English alphabet."

Four of us were playing, Nathaniel (our friend), Me, Hunter and Amilie. I don't recall all four answers but I do remember two of them. One of the answers was the pfbbt sound like when you give someone a raspberry with your tongue (kind of like little kids when they insult someone). My answer, on the other hand, was Fcht. After a long explanation for my answer (which you guys don't get the privilege of reading about yet because it will appear later in the series), my friends were all dying from laughter and so now Fcht is now a letter of the English alphabet. At least according to us.

Next comic will hopefully be Monday, but we are still working out a set schedule due to the fact that I live about 5 hours away from the co-creator and the artist making collaboration more difficult. Once we get our schedules down we will resume the 4-a-week schedule. Thanks for bearing with us.

News post Tue 05.04.10
Interestingly enough, Hunter and I have a ridiculous teacher who can do octal, hex, and binary on the fly. It's incredibly entertaining.

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